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16 Pleasant St
Madison, ME 04950
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Carol Tiernan
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5 Stars
By Visitor
Always clean, pleasant to shop there. Good deals.
1 Star
By Visitor
I was there today and there was a lady trying to use gift certificate that someone had giving. Her. And this carol tiernan. Come up front. With out looking up or anything told her that she didnt have one and stuff And that. It was only for this and thats it well im here listing and someone say well she had a fire and someone pit it in our benfiet bucket. This carol lady say o ya i remmber that but u dont have that on it. Then the lady that wont to get stuff had a bra in the stuff she wonted. And phone and some pants. Neaver in my life have i see someone that wprks at a place or that deals with people make a lady cry as this carol tiernan did to this lady. Carol picks up the bra and say o this cant be for u. Its to small these pants wont fit u there going to be to small. I was in shock looking at the pour ladys face carol walk gets a bag puts the stuff in a bag tells the lady here u go u have used the 100 dollers. I still in shock. Went out be hind the lady as she starts to cry. All the stuff she had was only 10.00. Dollers so carol tiernan took 90.00 dollers from this lady made her cry. Made it so il neaver go back there and that carol really should be a shamed at how she made a young lady cry and made her feel. Low for even going in there let alone the young lady probably dont way 100 bl good luck. Thank u for reading. Lost a customer