Orange Fence & Supply Co., Inc

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205 Boston Post Rd
Orange, CT 06477
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Roy Cuzocreo
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You would think that a company dedicated to building fences would know what they were doing and perhaps even take pride in their work, but for me, it wasn't the case. The installers had little to no communication with the person who came out to do the estimate, so everything he told me would be done wasn't known by the installers and didn’t get done properly. It probably would have been a better end product if I sat outside with them and told them everything they needed to do like measure and level, but being new to the fence game I thought that was included in the “professional installation”. Also, as a nice little surprise, they dumped out their cement mixer on my lawn, leaving cement on my driveway and a patch of dead, cemented grass with gravel all over the place. Aside from the incompetence, nearly everyone at the company was friendly, though I had one phone call with the crew manager where he started yelling at me because I tried to tell him that certain posts weren't plum or parallel on a small section where it's really noticeable, the gates they installed didn’t have proper ground clearance and wouldn’t open/close and that his crew dumped cement on my lawn. He blew up and said I was being too picky, that my lawn was patchy and that it didn’t matter that cement was dumped on it. The estimator and floor manager seemed to want to get the issues resolved for me, but unfortunately the people doing the work had already said they did all they could. With a new baby on the way I just wanted to end the experience and keep them away from my home. If I had to do it all over again, I would find a smaller place where I felt they had something to lose if they did a job poorly.