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7815 Harvard Ave
Cleveland, OH 44105
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Ericka Conway
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5 Stars
By Visitor
Well......about an hour after I wrote my poor review, who should call to apologize for not being able to make our appointment?...'Mr Pipeline'. Now it is my turn to apologize for making a hasty judgement. Turns out he was delayed, very late, by a big sewer job with difficulties. As every safe worker should do, he does not answer his phone when he is involved in something like a big sewer job; thus the full voice-mailbox. We made plans for another appointment the next day. I am so very grateful. Glad that a recommendation from a good service provider yielded another good/reliable service provider. Would now rate 5 stars!
1 Star
By Visitor
Had an appointment to fix 2 leaking faucets; never showed up, never called to cancel/reschedule. When I tried to call, the voice-mailbox was full and I could not leave a message. Very disappointed since he was a referral from another service that I use. that service is just great. Would not recommend.
1 Star
By Visitor
Had a appointment with them to fix a shower leak. They never showed up, even after I called their office twice. Was very disappoint and would not recommend them.