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29661 Dover Ave
Warren, MI 48088
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Lisa Blackburn
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5 Stars
By Visitor
I called Lisa to have my house cleaned for the first time about six years ago. I have been wheelchair bound for a long time and have had a host of different cleaning services, many of which haven't been very great. So I was skeptical of them, but I was very surprised and have been cleaning ever since.
1 Star
By Visitor
Called and left a very detailed message to set up a cleaning and potentially set up a recurring monthly cleaning. never received a call back.
1 Star
By Visitor
I met with Lisa and hired her to clean my house. She sent me the schedule for my every other week cleaning. The schedule was a bit confusing so when she did not show up on the scheduled day I called a and left a message. I got no response expecting her the next week I again stayed home waiting again no show. I left another message with no response .