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Sherry Newman
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BEWARE. After being a loyal customer for almost 15 years and spending thousands of dollars with Krohn Plumbing, Richard Krohn is threatening a Mechanics Lien on my house for a exorbitant $300 invoice. They were at my house for approximately 30min. punched a rough 6"X6" hole in my ceiling with a hammer. THEY DID NO WORK AND DID NOT DIAGNOSE THE PROBLEM. They could not fix the problem because they could we realized the problem was in the apartment above. The plumber left. Once we contacted the tenant in the above apartment, I called to have them return to fix the problem in the next few days. They were too busy. I had no recourse but to pay another plumber, M J Callan Company, to fix the actually fix the active leak for a total of $246 including tax and materials. Less than what Krohn charged for a hole. I had asked Krohn for a estimate of work. I received no estimate from Krohn. Never agreed to any work. Months later I received a $300 bill in the mail and now threatening letters for a lien and court action. I paid the bill and they lost a good customer.