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Schenectady, NY 12304
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Lauren Gillooley
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Words cannot express the terrible treatment my family received from Daly as we prepared to bury my father. Every single thing they did made it more difficult to bear the burden of the loss of my dad.
1) I'll start with the end - the limousine never arrived to take us to the church for the funeral service. We had to transport ourselves after standing on the curb waiting on the saddest day of our mother’s life.
2) Larry Daly talked his conservative politics with us during our initial planning meeting, even after two requests to stop
3) Larry Daly did not keep his mask over his mouth and nose at that meeting, even though my unvaccinated 84-year-old mother sat two feet away.
4) Larry Daly did not call our parish the next day to start the planning process there - I had to follow-up the next day with a request at 4 pm.
5) Larry Daly's professional communication email address is disrespectful (hugeld@aol.com-really, huge load?) and his cell phone is not set up to take messages, which made it impossible to address the limo issue.
6) I asked Larry Daly to contact me directly if he intended to change anything on our obituary, and he did not. He simply made changes, cc'ed me in, and forwarded the altered obit to the gazette.
7) We specifically did not want our friends and family not to be coaxed to purchase flowers or a memorial tree (our dad did not want flowers), which are automatic buttons on Legacy and on the Daly site. It took days to take our fathers obit off that service…DAYS…once we made that simple request.
8) I guess the topping on the cake was when we received a letter from the limo service which they contract out to (Farrell Livery). This hand-written note was one sentence long but had 5 grammatical errors. Beyond unprofessional, it was appalling and disrespectful.