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Craig Geatches
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I had a and j out 1 year ago to do some plumbing on our new house. I now have thousands of dollars in repairs coming my way. If their work holds up for you, they are polite and curtious. If the work fails as mine did, be prepared to be insulted and hung up on.

They responded very fast to my call after I found water pouring through my basement. They instructed me to NOT turnoff the water shutoff, and that they know a company that can help me with the water mitigation. Jay, the supervisor, told me that I shouldn't clean up anything and leaving the water running would help with the insurance claim. I turned it off anyway, and began removing water. I was also told this mitigation company (Flood Solutions, inc) would make it so they wouldn't have to charge me a deductible, things sounded shady. They said they don't work with Flood Solutions, inc, but that they have had customers use them with great success.

When Flood Solutions came out things continued to just not fit together, David Benner was very polite as he lied to my face. After I asked questions regarding the relationship of the two companies, I was told the owners were close friends. As it turns out with research, Craig Geatches owns both companies.

He refused to provide me with insurance information, I guess he didn't expect me to find out that both companies were on the same policy that his flood Solutions guy provided me that morning.

Jay, the supervisor, said he would have nevery hooked my fridge water line up the way it was done. I guess he forgot he was at my house for damage his company caused. After admitting is was improperly hooked up, I figured their insurance would cover the bill. I was very wrong, and was only hung up on from that point on.

Bottom line, careful with any plumber who's company also owns a water mitigation company, they do this because they screw up your plumbing and then triple up $$$ on your insurance policy. I have documentation for anyone that would like to verify this story before using a place that operates in this manner. I also wouldn't do business with a guy that claims workmanship warranties and
plumbing doesn't last more than a year.

In the spirit of full disclosure, they also installed a gas line in my home that as of this moment hasn't failed.