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 St. Clement Pastoral Council Meeting 04-27-2005


The following council members were present: Amy Bria, Jim DeBoy, Felix Ibe, Jeff King, Cheryl Koerner, Mark Rogic, Joe Scherer, and Eden Stielper.  Eileen Karl, James Bryan, Judy Easton, Gloria Smith and Anne Buening also attended the meeting.


Our council president Cheryl Koerner opened the meeting at 7:06.  The first order of business was changing the term length of council membership to 3 years instead of  2, and we changed it from trying to find new members every year to every 3 years. We decided that every 3 years we would elect an entire new council. This create a more productive closer council. The council members voted on this and we all decided that this was a great idea. We all decided to stay on the council until Sept. of 2006, and the next elections would be held 2009 and so on. We will start working on the elections January of 2006 and have the elections in May and the new members will be installed in September of 2006. This change of the terms will be announced in the bulletin for 2 consecutive weeks.  Mrs. Anne Buening is going to talk to Antonia to officially elect 3 members of the Spanish community to serve on the council until Sept. 2006. This will bring the council membership back up to 13 and bring some balance to the council. Jeff King agreed to work with Amy Bria to work on the rest of the council bylaws that needed to be amended.


Mrs. Anne Buening said that we still need to work on the parish assessment. We wanted to have a dinner with the Spanish community (Our Pot Luck Dinner) to go through the assessment together. Mrs. Buening suggested  using the parish assessment as a retreat tool. Mrs. Buening has asked Father Jordan who is a canon lawyer if he wanted to help us with a retreat. We could meet with him at our June meeting. We could meet on a Saturday morning for the retreat along with the 3 members of the Spanish community. Father Jordan could lead us in prayer. The retreat would give us a chance to bond and work on the assessment. We decided June 25th would be a good Saturday to do the retreat.


Mrs. Buening said that the Spanish community has 12 people and the English community has 1 person who is interested in forming a St. Vincent DePaul conference. There will be a meeting May 9th between these people and the parents of the kids who meet in the kitchen with Mary Debrosier?  The St. Vincent DePaul conference helps allocate funds for those you need it and they can help get a food pantry for those who need food here at St. Clements.


Gloria Smith works at Our Lady of Victory and St. Clements as a sacramental coordinator talked to us about inter-parish celebrations without losing parish identity. This past year both churches have worked together to celebrate confirmation. This year both the kids from St. Clement and O.L.V. made confirmation at Our Lady of Victory. This helps St. Clements. Because we did not have enough candidates to acquire the Bishop. By combining the programs what they hope to do is broaden everyoneís experience at church and to invite people to realize that although we have our own separate parishes, we have the same faith. Eucharist and Reconciliation is a very family based approach, involving the parents and the kids. Itís a family workshop. At least 1 parent has to come with his/her child for 2 hours. The parents meet together, and the kids meet together, and then they all come together for a meal. Confirmation is usually a little bit different. What Gloria Smith does is she organize, conduct and evaluate those meetings. She keeps track of kids who are eligible for sacraments. She mails out letters to those kids who are available for sacraments. She interviews confirmation candidates,  and makes sure the process runs smoothly.


Eileen Karl are religious education coordinator shared with us her duties here at St. Clementís. She also

suggested many new ideas to improve the education program here. She proposed having class in between the Sunday morning masses instead of Monday night. It would increase mass attendance (especially the youth), it would be during the day, and it wouldnít keep the kids up so late on Monday nights.  Eileen thinks it would be easier for the kids to apply what theyíre learning to the scripture readings that day.

The pastoral council thought this would be a great idea and support Eileen in her decision.



Mrs. Anne Buening told us that the Sistería Academy has agreed to lease the entire 2nd floor, and weíre in the process of figuring out lease rates and so on. The sisterís donít need the old desks and furniture that is residing in that space. Villa Maria is also interested in leasing part of the school. They have a theraputic  after school program, a counseling program, and they have a special education program. They are looking at different parts of the bottom of the school for any or all of these programs. There is daycare equipment residing in this area at this time. We have to have the desks and things out of the 2nd floor by the first of June, for the Sisterís Academy and Villa Maria is interested in September. Mrs. Buening  is thinking about donating the equipment to the International Rescue Committee, and wanted to talk to council about this possibility. We could donate cribs and highchairs that we have (from the daycare) to the families in need. In return, some of these people will come to our church and thank us, and let us know how we have made a difference. The council supported Mrs. Buening with her suggestion for donating them rather than selling them, and the International Rescue Committee seems ideal.


 The other problem is, is that the Sisterís academy isnít thrilled about sharing the space (with the possibility of special needs children, or disabled children coming in contact with the school children). Mrs. Buening has been talking openly about how to share the space creatively so that everyone is happy.

We certainly donít want to turn down the opportunity to make more money, but we donít want to make the Sisterís Academy unhappy.  Mrs. Buening said she doesnít see room for all 3 programs from Villa Maria, but maybe the two the Sisterís would feel more comfortable with? This is a new subject and still has to be discussed with all parties including everyone it would effect ( parishioners, community etc..).


The next order of business was to comply with STAND. All members of the council filled out applications to volunteer on the pastoral council and our other volunteer activities related to St. Clements. We received a Statement Policy For the Protection of Children and Youth, and we received the Code Conduct for Church Personnel of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.


Jeff King lead us in closing prayer and the meeting ended at about 9:15pm



Secretary- Eden Stielper


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